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About Elticon

Eltiсon Group of companies carries out construction of new production lines and complexes under "key", reconstruction and modernization of the existing enterprises, automation of technological processes, development and introduction of original technical solutions and technologies, supply of equipment and accessories for the enterprises of the construction industry, processing industry and road-building branch.

Eltiсon Group has more than 500 successfully executed projects in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

At present, the name "Elticon "has already become a recognizable brand in the field of automation associated with professionalism, are carefully applied solutions, excellent performance and operational reliability, impeccable responsibility for commitments to partners commitments.

Since 2005, the group of companies "Elticon "certified quality management system in compliance with international standard ISO 9001. The audit was conducted by experts of Certification Association "Russian Register" and confirmed by the international certification network IQNet (IQNet - the largest international network of leading bodies for management systems certification from 36 countries of the world, which controls more than 30% of the world market).

2015 year Elticon certified for compliance with the management system for occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Objects of automation, modernization or new construction at the enterprises of the construction industry:

  • betonosmesitelny knots and installations (BSU);
  • design packed BSU;
  • warehouses of storage of cement and lime;
  • warehouses of storage of inert components of concrete mixes (sand, rubble, etc.);
  • installations of clearing of a lime;
  • systems of defrosting and heating of inert components in storage warehouses;
  • systems of heating of inert components in account bunkers;
  • lines of a formovka of external and internal wall panels, corpulent and hollow plates of overlappings, volume designs, columns and other products necessary for construction of buildings and constructions;
  • systems of address delivery of concrete mixes to formovka lines;
  • plants on production of ferro-concrete products and designs;
  • plants of large-panel housing construction;
  • plants on production of dry construction mixes;
  • industrial bases of construction.

Objects of automation, modernization or new construction at the processing industry enterprises:

  • technological production lines of compound feeds or components of compound feeds;
  • technological production lines of premixes;
  • installations of input of various liquid components in the rassypny and granulated forages;
  • elevators and warehouses of storage of grain and other raw materials necessary for production of compound feeds;
  • mills of a high-quality grinding of grain (production of a flour);
  • plants and complexes on production of compound feeds;
  • plants on production of premixes.

Specialists of our holding carry out all types of the works necessary for receiving finished results for our customers:

  • object inspection;
  • development of technological decisions;
  • development of design and budget documentation;
  • development of the software;
  • performance assembly, erection, commissioning, training of the personnel of the Customer;
  • service.

The production division of Elticon provides performance of the following functions:

  • manufacturing and delivery of components of systems of automatic equipment (own production): Industrial control system, electroautomatic equipment, communication devices with object (modules of input-output of signals, communication modules, cross-accessories of modules etc.), batchers weight tenzometrichesky discrete action, processing equipment;
  • acquisition of purchased elements of systems of automatic equipment;
  • development of printed-circuit boards;
  • contract assembly of electronic modules, X-ray control of the soldering, ration of BGA and restoration of conclusions of BGA components;
  • manufacturing and test of samples of new or improved (modernized) production, and also research of new technological processes for the subsequent organization of a mass production;
  • carrying out tests of new types of purchased elements of the automated technological complex (sensors, executive mechanisms, a drive etc.), for obtaining authentic data on possibility and limits of their applicability on objects of automation.

All let-out elements of system of automatic equipment without fail are tested at the test bench, checked for work at low and high temperatures.

In all components of our activity we offer the reliable and checked decisions!

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