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Разработка технических решений
Комплексная реконструкция и перевооружение
Законченные комплектные решения

 Road construction industry

Problems of improvement of quality of products and efficiency of use of production capacities and resources are primary for any production including for the plants producing asfaltobitumny and concrete mixes.

The wear and aging of the production equipment, its discrepancy to modern requirements for productivity, energy saving, quality of products, safety and environment protection and also abundance of manual operations reveal need for reconstruction, modernization and automation, both separate knots, and the plant in general.
The competent automation considering specific features of production allows to reach maximum capacity when maintaining the required quality and reduction of costs for energy resources and materials.

Most the asphalt concrete plants in the CIS countries have outdated automatic equipment and the ELTIKON company offers them modernization of production taking into account the existing equipment, at considerable economy of means due to use of a part of knots and accessories of production of the CIS countries, according to the specification GOST 27945. At the same time, in difference from most of competitors, in decisions of the ELTIKON company the lowered power supply of sensors (24B) is used that is an important factor of safety during the work on the dug-out air.

The ELTIKON company successfully developed the complete decision in the field of the road-building industry, namely:

The automated technological complex of the asphalt concrete plant

This automated test complex successfully proved in work as a reliable and modern product which allows to increase significantly production efficiency and to reduce financial expenses of the enterprises.

At the solution of problems of reconstruction and modernization of the existing asphalt concrete plants of LLC ELTIKON carries out a full complex of works, including: departure on an object, inspection, development of documentation and recommendations about modernization, completing and supply of equipment, contract supervision of production lines and installation of industrial control system, a commissioning, training and further maintenance.

So, at the end of 2010 the company made full replacement of industrial control system and part of processing equipment of the asfaltosmesitelny TELTOMAT installation in городеТолочин the Vitebsk region.

As a result of the carried-out works through processes of preparation and shipment of asphalt concrete mix are completely automated that allowed to exclude errors of dispensing of the components making it and to provide a full cycle of works without manual operations.

Symbolic circuit of industrial control system TELTOMAT

Main technical characteristics of industrial control system of "TELTOMAT"

Provides management and processing of signals for the following equipment:

1. The systems of preliminary dispensing, in structure:

  • feeders pipeline six bunkers of fillers, the coolings of engines managed by frequency converters with sensors of availability of material and fans;
  • vibrators of six bunkers of fillers;
  • the collecting conveyor with the rotation sensor;
  • the inclined conveyor with the rotation sensor;
  • abnormal a handrail on pipelines.

2. The dryer drum with the system of an extract and a hot elevator, in structure:

  • the electric motor of the dryer drum with a phase rotor with the device of "smooth start-up" (control of current on each phase);
  • the air temperature sensor (an exit from a drum);
  • electric motor of a system of an extract;
  • the discharge sensor in the system of an extract;
  • hot elevator with the sensor of a descent (break) of a chain;
  • material temperature sensor.

3. The systems of separation and the main dispensing, in structure:

  • separator;
  • electro-гидро locks of four bunkers of fillers;
  • dust bunker vibrator;
  • voroshitel of the bunker of dust;
  • shnekovy feeder of the bunker of dust;
  • voroshitel of the bunker of mineral powder;
  • shnekovy feeder of the bunker of mineral powder;
  • shnekovy feeder of the bunker of cellulose;
  • batcher of fillers;
  • batcher of dust and mineral powder;
  • cellulose batcher;
  • the system of supply of bitumen with the pulse counter.

4. The mixer, in structure:

  • the mixer electric motor with a phase rotor with the device of "smooth start-up" (control of current on each phase);
  • the hydropusher of a system of unloading with position sensors (is open/is closed).

5. The systems of transportation of mix, in structure:

  • The systems of transportation of mix, in structure:the skip electric motor managed by the frequency converter;
  • skip brake;
  • skip position sensors;
  • sensors of sagging of a rope;
  • the hydropusher of an arrow rail with two position sensors;
  • abnormal sensors.

6. Bunker of ready mix.

Control modes:

  • automatic - at implementation of orders for production and shipment of asphalt concrete mixes according to GOST 9128;
  • automated - at operator interventions in work of a system, formation of recipes, tasks for production of asphalt concrete mixes, viewing and listing of reports;
  • manual - from the panels of local management installed on the location of the equipment for its approbation and adjustment.

Functions of the software of industrial control system:

  • visual representation of technological process on a graphic symbolic circuit;
  • production control by means of intuitively clear interface;
  • database maintenance of recipes;
  • production of asphalt concrete mixes on the basis of the database of recipes;
  • assignment a component in bunkers of a preliminary dosage;
  • process controls of a preliminary dosage on the basis of the rules set by the operator;
  • assignment a component in bunkers of a system of separation and dosing;
  • maintaining archive of batches with data of dosages;
  • output to the screen and the printer of reports on the interesting period on the executed batches, dosages, consumption of materials;
  • ensuring automatic backup of the database;
  • accident-free end of the current performed task in case of an unforeseen rupture of communication with the operator station;
  • automatic saving of operational data in a non-volatile memory at power supply switching off.

Ensuring safe management of the equipment, necessary blocking and protection, by means of:

  • suspensions of technological process at emergence of any abnormal or emergency situation before confirmation by the operator of an opportunity to continue process;
  • deliveries text and conditional sound and mnemonic (unambiguously interpreted) messages about the reasons and the nature of abnormal and emergency situations before confirmation by the operator of the fact that he took messages into consideration;
  • the regular beginning and continuation of technological process after abnormal and emergency situations according to the instructions of the operator with prestarting signaling;
  • ensuring the necessary sequence of inclusion and switching off of mechanisms, including in faults;
  • ensuring protection of the most powerful mechanisms against an overload on signs of exceeding of the power power consumption (current) electric drives or the insufficient rotational speed, the movement of mechanisms.

Errors of dispensing of components of asphalt concrete mixes:

  • for batchers of fillers 3% are not worse;
    for batchers of dust, mineral powder and cellulose 1.5% are not worse;
    for the batcher of bitumen 1.5% are not worse.

Productivity of the line is up to 100 tons of asphalt concrete mix an hour.

More detailed information can be obtained at specialists of the ELTIKON company in phone number 375 17 258-63-33 or in e-mail

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