OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001 Year of foundation ELTIKON
Разработка технических решений
Комплексная реконструкция и перевооружение
Законченные комплектные решения

Installation, Commissioning, Training of the Customers

The ELTIKON company carries out a full complex mounting, commissioning and services on hardware maintenance in the construction and overworking industries. Professional mounting, a commissioning and the high-quality guarantee and post warranty service which is carried out by the highly skilled staff of the company ensures reliability and safety of operation, allows customers to reduce really time and financial expenditure by the equipment.

Includes the field of activity of assembly and adjustment division:

  • performance of installation and erection works of processing equipment;
  • performance of installation works of elements of electroautomatic equipment;
  • performance of balancing and commissioning;
  • carrying out training of personnel of the Customer;
  • providing guarantee, post-guarantee and service;
  • delivery of spare parts and expendables;
  • organization of delivery and maintenance of freights.

The metrological service provides performance of the following functions:

  • development of programs and test procedures;
  • testing of prototypes, approbation of technical documentation (working drawings, technological instructions, specifications, methods of debugging and tests, etc.), execution of acts of the carried-out tests;
  • development of techniques of metrological certification of measuring channels, carrying out (together with representatives of TsSM) necessary metrological certifications;
  • drawing up passports of products which are turned out by pilot production.

Pilot production of ELTIKON group of companies is completed with the latest equipment, the tool, measuring devices, including stands for carrying out tests.

Supervision of erection includes the following stages:

  1. Submission by the Customer of the request for execution of supervision of erection.
  2. Signing of the contract for rendering services of supervision of erection.
  3. Departure of the specialist.
  4. Drawing up plan scheme of arrangement of the equipment.
  5. Drawing up the act of acceptance of the production room in which works will be carried out.
  6. Scheduling of performance of work.
  7. Training of personnel of the customer during a theoretical seminar.
  8. Implementation of all-engineering and technological control behind work flow.
  9. Quality control when working.
  10. Drawing up act of an acceptance of works (services in supervision of erection).

Commissioning is a final stage of installation works. The most complex work in commissioning is adjustment of devices and the systems of automatic control. The ELTIKON company guarantees quality of commissioning and if the commissioning is held to specialists of our company, you can be sure that the operability of a system will be at the highest level.

The ELTIKON group of companies carries out commissioning in all regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

All complex of works on check and start of the bought equipment entirely is made by the ELTIKON company. It means that the Customer's employees at a commissioning are present only at quality of detached onlookers. When commissioning our experts will independently make assembly, installation, connection, check, start and testing of all subject to an equipment commissioning.

One more service offered by the ELTIKON company is carrying out vocational education of operational personnel of the Customer.

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