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Construction industry



Construction as one of the main investment sectors has a great impact on the economy as a whole. The effectiveness of capital investments, the technological structure of fixed assets, the reconstruction of old and the pace of development of new production capacities depend on the level of development of capital construction. In Russia, a situation has arisen where the state has practically avoided a key role in the urban planning process. The lack of a unified policy, targeted investment has aggravated the general economic crisis of recent years.

This situation has led to the fact that in Russia today there is a very backward base of the construction industry. Hundreds of factories engaged in production for large-panel housing construction (KPD), produce it on production lines 20-30 years ago. The few enterprises of the building industry that made the reconstruction in the last 5-10 years carried it out according to the Western technology borrowing scheme - the acquisition of technological lines and turnkey equipment.

This is due to the fact that domestic engineering does not produce (with rare exceptions) for the construction industry modern equipment capable of producing competitive products. From what is produced by the domestic industry, the following can be mentioned: the concrete-mixing unit (BSU) (30% of enterprises are Russian-made, the remaining 70% are made in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Finland and China); still in demand cassette installations (for example, Kokhma); obsolete aggregate-flow lines for efficiency plants; volume stands of the old sample.

However, now, in the conditions of fierce competition, both for the quality of the products produced and for its cost, in conditions of limited investments, tight deadlines dictated by the market for reconstruction, borrowing Western technologies on a turnkey basis cannot be the best solution, because in our opinion:

  • the cost of imported equipment is often significantly overestimated;
  • ordered equipment is often not the most modern (for example, Chinese or Turkish generics do not provide the expected competitiveness);
  • the cost of binding (adaptation) of equipment to the existing Russian realities is high and not always well predictable;
  • As a rule, project performance is not achieved;
  • the quality of the products declared by the western engineering company is not always achieved (the quality of extruder hollow and concrete pipes is not ensured - not the quality of raw materials and
    ingredients, there is no stabilization of the water-cement ratio for the line of small pieces, etc.);
  • the acquired line often works unstable: automation fails, bearing units fail, sensors do not always work, etc.

It is necessary to rely on a systematic approach to reconstruction, when a complex of specific technologies is selected on the basis of qualified design and engineering work, the result of which is a weighted decision based on borrowing Western technologies, but only to the extent necessary, taking into account the conditions and realities of the enterprise being reconstructed, cost estimates equipment operation and automation in the long term, the analysis of market trends and, as a consequence, the return on investment 

ELTIKON has been operating in the construction industry for over 20 years. We have more than 500 successfully implemented projects in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Our field of activity is both new construction and complex reconstruction of enterprises, modernization of existing facilities, and complete complete solutions in this area. We are ready to offer you completely ready projects under the “key” or to develop everything from “zero” according to your technical task, as well as to supply the necessary technological equipment, to make qualified installation and commissioning, to train the Person of the Customer.

The company ELTIKON provides a full range of warranty, after-sales and after-sales service for the equipment supplied.

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