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Разработка технических решений
Комплексная реконструкция и перевооружение
Законченные комплектные решения

New construction and complex reconstruction

One of the main areas of activity of the Eltikon Group is both new construction and complex reconstruction, modernization of existing facilities in the construction industry.

Since 1991, our specialists have had the opportunity to participate in the renovation of about 450 factories (and survey more than one and a half thousand), which today successfully work and produce concrete and reinforced concrete products, dry construction mixtures, efficient insulation, etc. Every year, the circle of enterprises engaged in modernization (technical upgrading) is expanding.

The basis of the technical re-equipment of the construction industry are modern technologies. The experience of recent decades shows that almost everything new is the achievements of Western firms that are leaders of the market, transferred to the Russian (Belarusian) soil. And, without serious adaptation to the realities of the Russian (Belarusian) markets, it is impossible to manage (practically in 100% of cases).

What caused this?

In our opinion, first of all, the fact that Western companies design their equipment with a focus on the known, in advance given (or ordered) parameters of input raw materials (sand, gravel, cement, lime, etc.). As you know, they have long had a powerful industry for processing, (washing, packaging and transporting) sand, rubble, cement, and other materials.

Specialists know what domestic enterprises use and without reminders. Even in Russia, closed, heated, not allowing mixing and separation of inert warehouses can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And this means only one thing - the equipment and control system of one or another redistribution should work and with such ingredients (at least for now!).

Based on the above, it is easy to imagine what equipment has a chance of successful application - well adapted to the realities of the Russian (Belarusian) markets.

These realities of both the Belarusian and Russian markets also include:

  • non-western, other staff mentality;
  • difficult climatic conditions (rather severe winter);
  • other regulatory and technical base;
  • lack of necessary consumables and spare parts;
  • lack of infrastructure for waste management;
  • lack of qualified staff.

Plans for the technical re-equipment of enterprises depend, as is well known, on their specialization, strategic goals, condition and quality of fixed assets and, of course, on material capabilities. But the most important role is played here by the awareness of business leaders.

One of the main tasks that the Eltikon Group sets itself is the desire to share their own experience, to help the head of the company and its technical elite get around the pitfalls that can be encountered when introducing new technologies. And there are a lot of them - from the wrong choice of the main direction to the unfair dealership

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