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Concrete mixing plants

Concrete plants of the Eltikon Group of Companies are the result of many years of experience, embodied in the combination of Russian engineering and the best European equipment, adapted for use in real conditions of industrial facilities of the building industry of the post-Soviet space.

Concrete plants Eltikon were created, first of all, for the production of high-tech structural concrete, to the quality of which the most sensitive modern molding production.

When designing concrete plants, the main emphasis was placed on:

  • uncompromising quality of concrete mixes, repeatability from batch to batch;
  • low cost of operation;
  • high reliability and durability of both the automation system and used components, and the whole structure as a whole;
  • ease of maintenance.

We do not set ourselves the task to produce all the equipment of a concrete plant on our own. Our goal is the production of concrete plants, which embodied the best practices of world companies that are recognized leaders in their fields of activity. Therefore, a significant part of the components of our concrete plants is manufactured at the production facilities of leading European companies in accordance with our design documentation, adapted to the actual operating conditions and the real quality of the components of concrete mixtures that occur in industrial facilities in the post-Soviet space.

The main components of concrete plants ELTIKON:

  • mixers, skip hoists - made in Italy, Germany;
  • weight batchers - production "ELTIKON"; About screw feeders, butterfly valves - made in Italy;
  • conveyors - made in Italy;
  • pneumatics - made in Italy;
  • metal structures - production "ELTIKON";
  • automatization system - production "ELTIKON".

Concrete plants "ELTIKON" can be produced both from the production line, and can be designed individually, depending on the needs of a particular production.

Serially produced concrete plants "ELTIKON":

Name of the plant ELTI-40 ELTI-60 ELTI-80 ELTI-100 ELTI-120
Plant performance for compacted concrete 40 м³/час 60 м³/час 80 м³/час 100 м³/час 120 м³/час
The duration of the total cycle / mixing cycle, sec. 90/40 90/40 90/40 90/40 90/40
Mixer volume (filling / compacted concrete), liters 1500/1000 2250/1500 3000/2000 3750/2500 4500/3000
Aggregates bins (number / volume of each bunker, m³) 3/20 3/20 4/20 4/30 4/30
Dosing of aggregates, maximum dose, kg Conveyor dispenser
Conveyor dispenser
Conveyor dispenser
Conveyor dispenser
Conveyor dispenser
Cement silo (quantity, capacity, tons) 1 /60 1 /60 2/60 2/100 2/100
Cement NAP, kg 400 600 800 1000 1200
Water dosing / performance or maximum dose Flow meter Flow meter Weigh dispenser Weigh dispenser Weigh dispenser
Dosing chem. additives (number of dispensers / NPD x / d, kg) 1 /30 1 /50 2/60 2/75 2/90


Note: the type and options of the mixer, the discharge mark, the number and volume of chemical additives dispensers, the system for preparing, supplying and dispensing water, and other BSU options are selected depending on the needs of a particular Customer.

Concrete mixing plants for the preparation of ready-mixed concrete and hard mixes:

The business card of the concrete plants of the Eltikon Group of Companies is the automated control system (AS) "Beton-iPC". It is the AU that turns the set of equipment and actuators into a single complete complex that provides a solution to the problem.

AS "Beton-iPC" is a modern high-tech system, built on a modular principle and based on a single concept, both for small concrete mixing parquet-type units and for concrete mixing tower complexes of high performance. This approach allows you to demonstrate the capabilities of various solutions, duplicated and worked out to the smallest detail and currently presented in more than 300 implementations in the CIS. At the same time, the AS “Beton-iPC” of any BSU can be integrated with the ACS of other industrial conversions (the system of targeted delivery of concrete, a cement warehouse, a warehouse of inert aggregates, molding lines).

The main features of AS “Beton-iPC”:

  • management of the process of making concrete in accordance with GOST 7473-94 / 7473-2010 in automatic mode;
  • dosing of components in accordance with industry standards (errors for aggregates are no more than 2%, for other components - no more than 1% of the nominal masses of doses);
  • A “self-learning” dosing algorithm that automatically adapts to the technological features of specific actuators and used components;
  • stabilization of the w / c ratio by processing data from the microwave humidity probe (measurement of humidity in the mixer and / or at the stage of dosing aggregates);
  • automatic adjustment of doses of aggregates depending on their humidity based on data obtained from microwave probes or manually entered by the operator;
  • possibility of displaying the temperature of aggregates, water, concrete in the mixer bowl, preparing water of the required temperature;
  • the possibility of video surveillance of the process of cooking and unloading the mixture directly in the mixer;
    determination of the achievement of homogeneity of the concrete mix and, as a consequence, the optimal mixing time based on the readings of the microwave humidity sensor;
  • measurement of the active power consumed by the mixer;
  • parallel execution of technological processes, allowing to achieve maximum performance;
  • an intuitive, graphical process control interface developed in accordance with GOST R IEC 60204-1; GOST R IEC 60073;
  • provision of remote (manual)
    control of actuators; About production planning through the so-called “order containers”;
  • the formation of an unlimited bank of recipes (each recipe is characterized by a list of components, the sequence and algorithm of their loading, mixing time, time and algorithm of unloading);
  • maintaining reference books and classifiers;
  • maintaining a complete history of order fulfillment, including detailed data on batches and dosages, including statistics on dosing errors;
  • preservation of the complete log of the system, including emergency situations, transfer by the operator of the mechanisms from the automatic (regular) to the remote control mode of all actions performed by the operator; generation and printing of reporting data for the period selected by the operator; the formation and printing of a concrete passport;
  • support printing invoices (TTN) in accordance with the approved form;
    the presence of a hierarchical authentication system;
  • the presence of software restrictions that prevent unauthorized users from accessing the file system and service settings of the operating system of the operator station computer;
  • automatic backup and restore database; export of data on batches and dosages in an open format to a USB drive;
  • the presence of an expert system that tracks the stages and state of the technological process at the level of the technological controller and informs the operator with mnemonic and text messages, for example:
  • control of mixer currents to prevent the concrete from being refilled into a non-empty mixer;
    control the readiness of the receiving path of concrete;
    monitoring the state of the strain gauge weighing system, etc.
  • the presence of an integrated help system, including circuit drawings;
    ensuring safe for people control equipment, as well as the necessary interlocks and equipment protection in all control modes, including:


  • control currents powerful power mechanisms;
  • ensuring the launch of powerful mechanisms according to the star-delta scheme or by means of soft starters for frequency converters;
  • suspension of the technological process in the event of any emergency or abnormal situation,
  • manual intervention of the operator, until the operator confirms the possibility to continue the process;
  • issuing textual and conditional sound and mnemonic (unambiguously interpreted) messages on the causes and nature of emergency and abnormal situations until the operator confirms that the message has been taken into account;
  • ensuring the necessary sequence of switching on and off mechanisms, including in emergency and abnormal situations;
  • ensuring the correct completion of the current task by the process controller in case of shutdown or loss of communication with the operator station.

AS "Beton-iPC" has built-in remote monitoring and maintenance via an Internet connection (including the possibility of flashing the process controller software).

Since our concrete plants operate from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in longitude and from Taraz to Severomorsk in latitude, the primary task of the Eltikon Group of Companies is to ensure the reliability of their work, in particular, the reliability of the automation system. To accomplish this task, the following time-tested solutions are applied:

  • components of the automation system are designed to operate in the temperature range from -25 ° C to + 70 ° C;
  • interference field interface;
  • All I / O modules (both discrete and analog) are galvanically isolated with a potential of 2500V, 4000V (depending on the types of modules).

Consumers confirming the high quality of concrete mixtures produced at the factories of the Eltikon Group of Companies are modern molding production facilities of leading companies in Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain and Russia, such as: pallet circulation lines, preformed hollow core slab molding lines, tilting stands, flexible stand lines for column and girder molding, cassette installations, etc.

Ultra-rigid concrete mixes made in the Eltikon concrete plants have been successfully used by the HESS, Schlosser Pfeiffer and Masa vibropreaction lines.

The automated technological complex ATK "Beton" produced by Eltikon has a certificate of conformity of the customs union TR-TS.