OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001 Year of foundation ELTIKON
Разработка технических решений
Комплексная реконструкция и перевооружение
Законченные комплектные решения

Development of Software

Разработка программного обеспечения

The ELTIKON company provides execution of the full list of works on creation of the software of industrial control system for the construction and road-building industry processing areas at all levels which include:

  • development of the low-level software of single-crystal logic controllers;
  • development of the low-level software of x86 - compatible logic controllers in hard real-time operating system;
  • development of the high-level software of operator stations;
  • creation of structures of relational databases;
  • software development and customer services of servers of databases;
  • implementation of data exchange within the distributed industrial network;
  • providing the interface asynchronous (generally) between industrial control system and enterprise information systems of the Customer;
  • integration of industrial control system into a heterogeneous computer network of the Customer, using the most modern technologies (fiber optic, wireless, etc.).

Following the concept developed and successfully applied for twenty years, four levels of management generally have industrial control system of ELTIKON group of companies:

  1. the microprocessor input/output devices of signals distributed on an object for control and control of actuators;
  2. controller (controllers) of direct digital control by technological real-time processes;
  3. the information, integrating human machine interface (HMI), management system the database, functions of export and printing of registration data. Depending on requirements of the Customer the third level can be implemented as on the basis of one operator station, and is functionally distributed on several stations;
  4. operational (optionally). Upon the demand of the Customer the management system may contain the level providing integration of several process lines, warehouses, etc. in one end-to-end system and to implement the interface providing information exchange between this system and information systems of the Customer.

"Business card" of the software of industrial control system, delivered by ELTIKON company, is:

  • ensuring management of technological processes according to the adopted GOST and industry norms;
  • the "intellectual" production control at the level of the controller allowing to complete correctly carried-out technological operation even at emergency (unauthorized) shutdown of the operator station;
  • the parallelism of execution of technological processes allowing to reach maximum capacity;
  • intuitive, graphic interface of production control;
  • the chelovekomashinny interface developed according to GOST P IEC 60447-2000, GOST P IEC 60073-2000, GOST P IEC 60204-1-2007;
  • existence of the multilayer system of control of access providing a possibility of closing with the password access to special functions of a system (setup of parameters, export of registration data, etc.);
  • maintaining the relational database including:
  • reference books and qualifiers;
  • detailed history of conducting technological process;
  • system of differentiation of access rights;
  • existence of the built-in mechanism of creation of backup copies of the database;
  • extensive functionality on forming and printing of different logs and reports;
  • existence of a large number of the service functions considerably simplifying operation of a system;
  • providing control of the equipment, safe for people, and also necessary blocking and protection of the equipment in all control modes, including:
  • priostan of technological process at emergence of any abnormal or emergency situation before confirmation by the operator of an opportunity to continue process;
  • delivery text and the conditional sound and mnemonic (unambiguously interpreted) messages about the reasons and the nature of abnormal and emergency situations before confirmation by the operator of the fact that he took messages into consideration;
  • ensuring the necessary sequence of inclusion and switching off of mechanisms, including in abnormal and emergency situations;
  • ensuring end of the current task with the technological controller in case of switching off or loss of communication with the operator station.

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