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Разработка технических решений
Комплексная реконструкция и перевооружение
Законченные комплектные решения

Inspection of Objects

Technical inspection of buildings and constructions in the construction and overworking area is a complex of actions for definition and assessment of the actual values of the controlled parameters characterizing the current operational state, suitability and operability of the subjects to inspection and also defining a possibility of their further operation or need of restoration or complex modernization.

Process of technical inspection in the construction and overworking area includes control, tests, the analysis and assessment of structures of buildings and constructions for clarification of their operational qualities, determination of expediency of repair and reconstruction, clarification of the reasons of accidents, forecasting of behavior of designs in the future.

Technical inspection of buildings and constructions is made in connection with their alleged reconstruction and capital repairs, detection of defects of the building constructions raising doubts in their operational qualities after accidents, at renewal of construction after a long break in installation and construction works.

Comprehensive examination of an object depending on an ultimate goal includes:

  • acquaintance with the project documentation of an object, technical characteristics of the existing equipment, technological schemes and the required loadings;
  • calculation of necessary loadings, proceeding from the actual energy consumption, calculation of number of the equipment depending on conditions and features of production.
  • selection of the equipment at the rate of the actual loads of an object;
  • the comparative analysis of the existing equipment with settlement;
  • providing the technical report by results of inspection with several versions of recommendations about repair, replacement of processing equipment, to shortcomings of the existing scheme and methods of their elimination, proceeding from needs of the Customer;
  • acceptance by the Customer on the basis of results of inspection of the final decision on an object.

Comprehensive examination of an object on the one hand saves means and time, and on the other hand allows you to approach a design stage after careful consideration, to avoid a set of mistakes at selection of the equipment and to develop the most favorable option of modernization of power economy.

Work with the qualified Contractor at a stage of comprehensive examination is obligatory as at this stage the foundation of all further work is laid.

The ELTIKON group possesses highly qualified specialists for the solution of tasks of comprehensive examination of objects according to the inspection algorithm approved and checked by practice.

At the request of the Customer drawing up the specification on design which includes a package of measures for replacement or reconstruction of the existing equipment or an object in general is possible.

If you want to save time and to avoid unproductive expenses, specialists of the ELTIKON company will provide comprehensive examination of the enterprise or a separate object with issue of recommendations about decrease in energy consumption and the feasibility study on expediency of use of the equipment and also will provide all complex услугот design before "turnkey" commissioning of the object.

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