OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001 Year of foundation ELTIKON
Разработка технических решений
Комплексная реконструкция и перевооружение
Законченные комплектные решения

Development of the design and estimate documentation

The design department of ELTIKON group of companies is basic structural division and solves a complex of problems of development of the design and estimate documentation on objects of reconstruction or new construction of the enterprises of the construction industry, processing the industry and the road-building industry.

The problem of reconstruction of the industrial enterprises is rather difficult in the engineering plan and should solve all complex of problems of application of the latest technology equipment, reconstruction of the existing buildings and constructions, engineering networks, automation of the main productions.

The design department of ELTIKON group of companies specializes in execution of project works on design of technology solutions and automation of technological processes that is a basis for implementation of the concept of reconstruction of the enterprise.

For development of other parts of the project the experienced specialized design organizations are attracted, and the leading design organization, as a rule, is the ELTIKON group of companies which is engaged in technological design and according to which specifications other sections of the project documentation are developed.

In most cases, the design department of ELTIKON group of companies begins work with the potential Customer with inspection of production objects of the Customer, offers the concept of reconstruction of the enterprise or specific production repartition, carries out preliminary technical and economic calculations and justifications of estimated design solutions, prepares the draft of the specification on execution of project works.

The accumulated experience in reconstruction more than 500 industrial facilities, knowledge of modern both import, and domestic technology equipment, partnership with the leading vendors of such equipment, such as firms "WEILER S. R. L" Italy, "Ou's Polarmatic", Finland, "Elematic", Finland, "WAMGROUP" Italy, Simem (Italy), Franz Ludwig (Germany), ProSoft (Russian Federation), Computel (Russian Federation), JSC the 345th mechanical plant (Russian Federation), etc., allow to propose to the potential Customer the best solutions on structure of technology equipment, its productivity, cost, reliability.

Execution of project works in ELTIKON group of companies is made by highly qualified specialists, the difficult design solutions having wide experience of execution. Design is conducted in the license software products AutoCAD, SolidWorks with use of expansions for these programs providing automatic compliance of the received solutions to the operating TNPA and state standard specifications.

Design of industrial platforms

The ELTIKON group of companies is a member of SRO-P-050-09112009 "The national organization of designers" and works in the field of reconstruction and modernization of the enterprises for production of concrete goods within more than 20 years. ELTIKON Group performs all complex of works from inspection of objects of reconstruction before execution of a full complex of project works (a stage of PR, IS), delivery of technology equipment and the automation equipment of technological processes (including the equipment of own production), mounting and balancing and commissioning.

Within execution of project works on reconstruction or new construction of production sites, us are developed and transferred to the Customer:
the hi-tech prefabrication constructive systems for construction of buildings corresponding to your architectural planning solutions;
nomenclature and drawings of products of factory production;
analysis of resource intensity of construction, definition of specific indicators of a consumption of concrete, steel, labor input of construction;
technological designs of production repartitions for release of the developed products;
calculation of cost of the capital technology equipment necessary for the organization of production under the perspective program of construction of buildings.
results of design engineering of a constructive system, projects of buildings and production repartitions
And also the following types of works are carried out:
Architectural supervision of the reconstruction course (new construction) of production repartitions.
Participation in release of pilot lot of products of the estimated nomenclature.
Organization of carrying out tests of products. Obtaining acts, certificates, test sheets on products.
Passing of state examination of the developed projects of houses.
Author's maintenance of setting on production of estimated listed products, the developed efficiency constructive series.

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