OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001 Year of foundation ELTIKON
Разработка технических решений
Комплексная реконструкция и перевооружение
Законченные комплектные решения


Сервисное обслуживание Элтикон

Each owner, buying the hi-tech equipment for the construction industry and processing industry, expects from it excellent job and long service life. At the same time it is necessary to remember: in order that your equipment served you faithfully most long, it is necessary to make regular service which is directed to maintenance of serviceable operability of all system and it is essential affecting quality of its work.

The ELTIKON company carries out all range guarantee, post warranty and service.

Specialists of service department of the ELTIKON company perform functions as on work with Clients, and providing solution of a number of the tasks designed to increase productivity and quality of works in the company.

Functions of service customer department:

  • guarantee and post warranty maintenance of projects;
  • conclusion and work on service contracts;
  • rendering consulting telephone help;
  • providing remote on-line of monitoring of the industrial control system technological parameters by means of Internet.

Internal functions of service department:

  • testing of the made hardware-software complex before sending to the Customer on compliance to requirements of the specification;
  • database maintenance of history of service on each project;
  • maintaining the corporate database of knowledge including the experience accumulated for years of a company performance.

You can find more detailed information on work of customer service, having called by phone number 375 17 258-63-33 or to write to us on

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