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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (further – "Policy") extends to all personal information which the Eltikon group of companies" (further – "Company") can receive from the User during its stay on the website or its subdomains (further "Website"). Also, the Policy describes how the Company collects, uses and discloses the personal information obtained via the Website. The user, using the Website, gives the consent to collecting and use of its personal information by the Company.

1. Terms and definitions
1.1 The concepts applied in Privacy policy:

Personal data - information relating directly or indirectly to the natural person.

Personal data processing – the actions made with personal data including collecting, record, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, use, transfer, removal of personal data.

Confidentiality of personal data - the mandatory requirement not to allow their distribution, except for the cases set by the legislation.

The user – the person having access to the website through the Internet and using information provided on the website in the personal or office purposes.

The owner of the website – the legal entity having rights for domain name of the website, design of the website, a program complex of the website and also for collecting and processing of personal information of users of the website.

Administration of the website – the official representatives of the owner of the website having the rights for management of the websites (or) personal data processing.

2. General provisions
2.1. Visit of the website, registration on the website mean consent with the real Privacy policy and providing permission to collecting, storage, use and disclosure of the personal data according to the real Privacy policy. Rules are valid for territories of Republic of Belarus.

2.2. Privacy policy is developed according to the Law of Republic of Belarus "About Consumer Protection" and the Law of Republic of Belarus "About Information, Informatization and Information Protection".

2.3. The administration of the website does not control and does not bear responsibility for information processing by the websites of the third parties on which the User can follow the links available on the website.

2.4. According to the legislation of Republic of Belarus the owner of the website has the right to provide to the third parties personal user information in the following limited cases:

when obtaining the written consent of the client;
when receiving the official request from law enforcement and other public authorities concerning criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity;
to the third parties for the purpose of collecting statistical data, the summarized information which does not contain personal information and which does not identify the client individually.

2.5. Personal information is stored on servers of the Owner of the website.

2.6. The administration of the website takes necessary organizational and technical measures for personal information protection of the User from illegal actions of the third parties.

3. Use and disclosure of personal information
The company uses personal information of the User for provision of services and Products, settlement of disputes and debugging, increase in convenience of work and improvement of the Website, informing on new services and Products. The user, being registered on the Website, automatically agrees to receiving from the Company of information on the rendered services, about upgraded versions or new Products of the Company and also other information which the Company will consider important to report.

The company sells to nobody and does not disclose personal information on the User. The company has the right to open and transfer personal information to the third parties only if it demands the Belarusian or international legislation and/or authorities with observance of the lawful procedure.

4. Viewing and editing personal information
The company provides to the User registered on the Website an opportunity at any time to browse and edit the personal information. To edit personal information, the User needs to log in the account on the corresponding page of the Website.

5. Links to other websites
The website contains references to third-party websites. The company does not control these websites and their privacy policy. The company calls the User before submission of the personal information on these websites attentively to examine their privacy policy.

6. Safety
The company undertakes the appropriate measures for safety of personal information of the User from loss, misuse, illegal access, disclosure or change. However the transmission method of information and a method of its storage on the Internet cannot be completely safe therefore the Company does not guarantee absolute safety of personal information.

7. Changes of conditions of Policy
The company reserves the right to change Policy conditions. Modification, the Company publishes all additions and changes of Policy on the Website in a case. At further use of services and use of Products of the Company, the User agrees with new conditions of Policy.

8. Feedback coupling. Questions and sentences
8.1. The User has the right to send all sentences or questions concerning the real Privacy policy to Administrations of the website on the e-mail address